Location: Muskoka Lakes, ON
Size: 2,500 sf

The client commissioned a four-season cottage that intimately co-exists with its surrounding Muskoka landscape. The solution was a prefabricated Douglas Fir structure anchored by a central granite fireplace around which pivots major programmatic spaces.

The natural Canadian Shield of the site informed the cottage’s organic shape. Floor plates stepped down with the land to minimize the building’s impact. The design strived to seamlessly integrate structural columns, beams and windows which allowed for an extraordinarily light roof to float and fold like waves above the glazed structure.

Douglas Fir Kindl siding cladded the building while local granite anchored it to the site. Kindl is a traditional Japanese charred wood with naturally enhanced durability. The charring process increased the wood’s rot, fire and pest resistance while creating a distinct colour and texture.

Project Partners

Structural Engineering: Blackwell Structural Engineers
Construction Management: Trea Building Inc
Timber Frame:Timber Systems Inc
Photography by Ozimek Photography