Location: Parry Sound, ON
Size: 2,400 sf

Surrounded by trees, Deep Bay Cottage is lightly perched on top of a high cliff overlooking the lake as well as peaceful crown land forests. The design of the cottage, like most projects, is heavily influenced by the site. The main idea of the design was to have two main volumes connected at a hinge, which acts as the collective space of the building. The hinge is a glass cantilevered space in this case, providing views from within.

The entrance through the forest path is quite a contrast to the look and feel of the terrace from the kitchen and living room providing a stunning view onto the body of water and small islands. Deep Bay Cottage consists of two bedroom wings, one for the kids and guests and the other, more private, housing the master bath and bedroom.

The cottage is capped with three main roofs which shelter from the exposed sun and strong winds of the extreme site location. The roofs also help to define the programmes: public and private spaces. A walk out basement is linked to the entrance double height hall where the main stair is featured in.

Structural Engineering: Blackwell Structural Engineers
Photography: Adrian Ozimek