Location: Muskoka, ON
Size: 4,500 sf

This cottage occupies a truly unique site that is situated on a narrow strip of Canadian Shield resting between two bodies of water. This gave us an opportunity to address both the larger lake and the smaller wetland with the placement and articulation of the building. To create a two sided building a large rammed earth wall was created the length of the project with volumes of program punctuating out in either direction. The openings towards the wetland are more discrete and subtle while the openings toward the lake are large, airy volumes that offer views out towards the water.

The entrance and approach façade of the building faces a wetland and is covered with a dense pine forest allowing western light to filter through onto the rammed earth wall and into the cantilevered spaces. These spaces are more private and offer areas of rest and contemplation for the home owners.

This project utilizes an unique site condition to create a building with two distinct characters that resonate from the overall building form, to how the building is used and in the choice of materials.

Project Partners

Structural Engineering: Blackwell Structural Engineers
Builder: Dimension Homes
Photography: Adrian Ozimek