TMA enjoys frequent site visits to ensure proper construction and detailing methods. We also get pretty excited about the progress of our projects and seeing them come to life first hand. But in winter, it’s a different story.

More risky drives up, punctuated by potential road closures, earlier days and more packed tea / coffee in our Thermos to stay warm. One of our favourite parts about wintery escapes is the surrounding silence. The white backdrop makes our buildings pop.

The cons of a winter time site visit range from: snowed-on drawings, difficulties using measuring devices, frozen fingers from snapping photos, not being able to see certain building elements if they’re snowed over, parking and getting out successfully. That being said, winter time photos are our favourite, scroll down for some our favourite winter time shots. Tip: Don’t lick the steel columns!

The pro tips of what to bring with you on a winter site visit:

  • metric / imperial measuring tape
  • your notebook
  • a large clip board with any needed drawings to mark up
  • laser measuring tape
  • extra pair of gloves
  • extra pair of socks
  • external phone battery charger
  • some good tunes (aux cable is a plus, unless you have Bluetooth in your car)
  • water
  • snacks
  • lunch (just in case)
  • a hot thermally-sealed beverage
  • a map
  • a camera (charge it before you leave) with an extra SD card
  • warm high boots and waterproof jacket
  • snowshoes (where necessary)